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            Welcome to changzhou handong electrical machinery co. LTD.
            contact TEL:

            138 1502 3500

            Changzhou handong electrical machinery co., LTD., founded in 1992, is a high-tech enterprise which integrates the design, development, manufacture, installation and debugging of electric wires and cables.Since the start of the company, actively introduce Japan, Europe and the United States, such as wire and cable equipment of advanced foreign technology, has successfully launched reached the international advanced level of wire and cable equipment industry, the main products are extrusion, cable, cable, wire and cable fixed equipment.

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          1. Please find out the matters needing attention duri 2018-04-27 1. Check whether the electrical wiring is accurate and not loose.2. Us

          2. 28 2018-04

            The application and machine characteristics of hig High speed rotary frame type single Hank machine is suitable for high

          3. 28 2018-04

            The application and machine characteristics of hig High - speed cantilever single - stranding machine is a kind of wire a

          4. Address:Dongfang Industrial Zone, Yao Guan Town, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.


            Linkman:Mr. Xi